Aries (Mesha): Sun is to begin transit in your 4th House where Mars is already placed, producing unfavourable results. Sun will only aggravate the bad results. You are advised to take precautionary measures to avert possible attacks of fever, digestive troubles and injuries leading to bleeding. You are also likely to experience much mental unrest. The ongoing period is highly unfavourable for entering into transactions relating to lands and property. However, an increase in income, general prosperity and even honours from the state are possibilities due to the beneficial influence of Venus.

Taurus (Vrushabha): Sun beginning transit on July 16 in your 3rd House where Mars and Mercury are already posited holds out enhanced wealth, power and influence as well as good health and the ability to take bold decisions. Meanwhile, you will be relieved of problems on the domestic front. A favourable time is ahead for natives active in the field of mass communications like journalists. Lagnadhipati Venus in your 1st House signifies a period of enjoyment.

Gemini (Mithuna): A brief unfavourable spell is ahead with Sun entering your 2nd House to join Mars and Mercury already posited in that House. You are advised to be on your guard to avert circumstances which could lead to loss of wealth, litigation and damage to your reputation. Saturn’s return to your 6th House is favourable for you. You will be free from disease and rid of troubles from enemies. You have to be tactful in your dealings with your kinsmen for they could become a source of trouble to you.

Cancer (Kataka): You are prone to act in anger and haste leading to serious repercussions due to the adverse influence of Sun-Mars combination in your 1st House. You are also vulnerable to accidents that could result in head injuries and excessive bleeding. Mercury already in your 1st House is a warning not to be deceived or influenced by unreliable people. Venus Swakshetra in your 11th House continues to hold out an increased income and help from friends.

Leo (Simha): Loss of wealth, involvement in litigation, heavy expenses, eye disease, bilious trouble and disputes in the family are on the cards due to the adverse influence of Sun-Mars combination in your 12th House. You also have to be wary of events that could mar your marital happiness. Venus Swakshetra in your 10th House can bring you a fortune from your activity if your Dasas are also favourable.

Virgo (Kanya): Sun about to join the favourable Mars-Mercury combination in the 11th House assures higher status and job satisfaction in addition to an increased income, business success, enhanced comforts, new friends and enjoyments. Recognition for literary efforts, gainful distant travel and general prosperity are in store due to Venus Swakshetra in your 9th House. Retrograde Saturn in your 3rd House promises enhanced power, influence, robust health and a whip hand over enemies. Those running favourable Dasas can look forward to a rise in career, success in all ventures and gainful foreign travel.

Libra (Thula): The favourable Sun-Mars-Mercury combination in your 10th House raises the prospect of business and career success in addition to an increased income and harmony in the family and marital happiness. Venus in his other sign Taurus falling in your 8th House may bring you sudden wealth and living comforts. Retrograde Saturn in your 2nd House assures success and achievements

Scorpio (Vrushika): Sun-Mars combination in the 9th House can lead to loss of wealth and status, but offers an ideal time for engaging in religious activity leading to spiritual advancement. Unforeseen obstacles are likely to affect your workaday activity. However, marital happiness and matrimonial prospects for the young unmarried are held out by Venus in your 7th House. With retrograde Saturn now back in your Lagna, you have to harness your latent strengths to face the difficult times ahead.

Sagittarius (Dhanu): Sun and Mars now in your 8th House may inhibit the benefits such as wealth, success, happiness and power held out by Mercury in the same House.Even your rivals and enemies may become amicable due to the beneficial influence of Venus in your 6th House. You are now relieved of the ill-effects of Jamma Shani Erashtaka as Saturn has returned to Scorpio sign in the 12th House. However, Saturn in the 12th is not auspicious either for it could cause much grief and kidney trouble.

Capricorn (Makara): Sun about to enter the 7th House to join Mars may cause disputes with spouse and also business partners in addition to Ill-effects such as eye troubles, stomachache and indigestion. Venus in your 5th House is very auspicious. New friends, new kinsmen, happiness and wealth are on the cards. Lagnadhipati Saturn’s return to your 11th House may bring you an increased income and even a position of authority.

Aquarius (Kumbha): Sun about to enter your 6th House will bring you power and influence in addition to a mind free from worries and a body free from disease, happiness and an increased income held out by Mars already posited in the 6th House. Mercury in the 6th House may bring you fame and popularity. A fortune awaits those running the Maha or Antar Dasa of Venus due to a powerful Venus in the 4th quadrant.

Pisces (Meena): Sun-Mars combination in the 5th House may cause separation from spouse and children. You are also likely to lose your mental peace. Mercury already in your 5th House is a warning for you not to offend your spouse and sons. Venus in your 3rd House assures you of increased power and influence. Saturn’s return to Scorpio in your 9th House may bring you both illness and unhappiness. However, you are fortunate to have Lagnadhipati Jupiter in your 7th House assuring you of living comforts.