The United Nations Special Rapporteur on Human Rights and Counter-terrorism Ben Emmerson will undertake an official visit to Sri Lanka from July 10 to 14 to gather first-hand information on initiatives in the area of counter-terrorism and assess how they affect the promotion and protection of human rights.

“I will seek to provide assistance in the discussion of the country’s counter-terrorism policy and legal framework, as well as in the preparation and drafting of relevant legislative acts, with a view to ensuring that measures taken by the Government are in compliance with international human rights law,” said Emmerson.

The UN in a statement said that Emmerson would hold high level discussions with representatives of the Government including ministries responsible for foreign affairs, law and order, Southern development, justice, defence, finance, media, prison reforms, rehabilitation, resettlement and Hindu religious affairs during his five-day mission to the country.

The Special Rapporteur will also meet law enforcement officials, members of parliament, members of specialized police departments, the National Police Commission and the Human Rights Commission. In addition, he will go to places of detention to interview persons suspected or convicted of terrorist crimes. Emmerson, who visits Sri Lanka at the invitation of the Government, will also hold talks with representatives of the international community, lawyers, academics, and non-governmental organizations. He will visit Colombo and spend several days in other areas of the country, including Anuradhapura and Vavuniya.