Lewis Hamilton believes the decision not to penalise Sebastian Vettel after the Ferrari driver deliberately drove into him at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix has demonstrated a lack of fibre from Formula One’s governing body.

The Mercedes driver said the FIA president, Jean Todt, needed to explain the reasoning behind the conclusion not to punish Vettel and the message it sent out was detrimental to the sport. The former world champion Nigel Mansell, however, believes the FIA handled it correctly.

Vettel drove into Hamilton in Baku and faced an FIA investigation last week. He admitted he was at fault and has made a public apology and a personal one to Hamilton. The FIA investigation accepted this and opted to take no further action.

Vettel repeated his admission and apology at the Red Bull Ring on Thursday. “I’m not proud of the moment. Can I take it back? No. Do I regret it? Yes,” he said.

                       The Guardian