Atomic BlondeComing soon (1)

Rating: R
Running time: 1h. 55min.
Genre: Action, Mystery, Thriller
Director: David Leitch
Starring: Sofia Boutella, Charlize Theron, James McAvoy, etc…
Undercover MI6 agent Lorraine Broughton is equal parts spycraft, sensuality and savagery, willing to deploy any of her skills to stay alive on an impossible mission. She is sent to Berlin during the Cold War to investigate the murder of a fellow agent and recover a priceless dossier which contains a list of double agents. She partners with embedded station chief, David Percival to navigate her way through a deadly game of spies.

DunkirkComing soon (5)

Rating: PG-13
Running time: 1h. 47min.
Genre: Action, Drama, History
Director: Christopher Nolan
Starring: Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, Kenneth Branagh, etc…
In May 1940, Germany advanced into France, trapping Allied troops on the beaches of Dunkirk. Under air and ground cover from British and French forces, troops were slowly and methodically evacuated from the beach using every serviceable naval and civilian vessel that could be found. At the end of this heroic mission, 330,000 French, British, Belgian and Dutch soldiers were safely evacuated.

Girls TripComing soon (4)

Rating: R
Running time: 2h. 2min.
Genre: Comedy
Director: Malcolm D. Lee
Starring: Jada Pinkett Smith, Kate Walsh, Tiffany Haddish, etc…
Four friends (Regina Hall, Jada Pinkett Smith, Tiffany Haddish, Queen Latifah) are in for the adventure of a lifetime when they travel to New Orleans for the annual Essence Festival. Along the way, they rekindle their sisterhood and rediscover their wild side by doing enough dancing, drinking, brawling and romancing to make the Big Easy blush.

The MidwifeComing soon (3)

Rating: B
Running time: 1h. 57min.
Genre: Drama
Director: Martin Provost
Starring: Catherine Deneuve, Catherine Frot, Olivier Gourmet, etc…
Claire is a tightly wound midwife. Humane and helpful, she gives herself entirely to her patients. Her maternity is about to close its doors and the devoted woman is determined not to work in the modern hospital she regards as a ‘baby factory’. It’s around this time Claire forms an unlikely friendship with Béatrice, her late father’s free-spirited mistress. Though polar opposites, the two women come to rely on each other after Béatrice reveals that she has brain cancer.

Valerian and the City of a Thousand PlanetsComing soon (2)

Rating: PG-13
Running time: 2h. 17min.
Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Director: Luc Besson
Starring: Dane DeHaan, Cara Delevingne, Clive Owen, etc…
Valerian and Laureline are a team of special operatives charged with maintaining order throughout the human territories. Under assignment from the Minister of Defense, the two embark on a mission to the astonishing city of Alpha. There is a mystery at the center of Alpha, a dark force which threatens the peaceful existence of the City of a Thousand Planets, and Valerian and Laureline must race to identify the marauding menace and safeguard not just Alpha, but the future of the universe.