“I think figure skating has this stereotype as a sport for little girls, that we are these pretty porcelain dolls…”

That’s how Ashley Wagner’s ‘in her own words’ story in this year’s edition of ESPN The Magazine’s annual Body Issue begins. The 2016 world silver medalist is one of the athletes featured on ESPN’s list of what elite athletes look like naked. Wagner is featured on the ice in nothing but her boots and blades in what must’ve been an uncomfortably cold photo shoot.

“I don’t think people put a lot of thought into the athleticism that goes into the sport,” said Wagner. “I think a lot of people would be very surprised at the kind of training we have to put in. I am on the ice 6 days a week, I am physically training three to four hours a day on the ice, off the ice sometimes up to two hours a day. This sport is my life. I feel strongly that I’m an athlete through and through.”

Wagner also speaks about her tomboy past. “I was not in this for spandex and the sparkles,” she says. Later in the piece Wagner speaks about the five concussions she has suffered over the course of her career.