Ariesastrological (1)

Aries is a firecracker. Ever the busy bee, the first sign of the zodiac has a restless energy. Of all the signs, they are the most motivated. Their mission on the Earth is to get things done. Aries’ spirited personality and animated aura means that they attract others easily, although non-Aries may have a hard time keeping up with their always-on-the-go nature.
Fragrance match: Aries need a fragrance to match their outgoing, fast-paced life. Black pepper, frankincense and lemon are sharp scents that will support their fiery spirit and keep them feeling invigorated.

Taurusastrological (13)

Balance is Taurus’ favourite thing. Their sensitivity encourages them to seek out harmony in all aspects of life, especially relationships. Taurus is ruled by Venus, making her a lover of pleasure and beauty. Even though Tauruses are hopeless romantics they remain grounded, persistent and reliable.

Fragrance match: Steady Taurus values stability, so fragrances with notes of chamomile or moss will soothe their peacekeeping nature. To complement their sensuality, look for top notes of patchouli and a gorgeous perfume bottle to make their beauty-loving soul sing.

Geminiastrological (9)

Gemini, the liveliest star sign, has a love of innovation and curiosity that makes them great communicators. Gemini are interested in partnerships – not necessarily the romantic kind, but more of a meeting of minds.

Fragrance match: Scents like basil, bergamot and grapefruit will nurture your quick mind. Being the twins sign, a layered perfume that starts off with one top note and fades to another is your ideal scent.

Cancerastrological (8)

Cancers are the ultimate nurturers of the zodiac. All of their friends are always coming to them for advice. At the mercy of the moon, Cancers can be moody and sensitive, but not in a bad way. Their moodiness just means they’re paying attention to their surroundings. They’re also funny in a loony way, which is often not mentioned.

Fragrance match: Because they are ruled by the moon, Cancerians similarly have a great deal of mystery and depth. In a scent, this translates to notes of incense and amber. They’re also great cooks and will be comfortable in perfumes with notes of vanilla and spice to mimic their sweet, homey spirit.

Leoastrological (5)

Leos are the most dramatic of all the zodiac signs. Even if they’re being quiet, they’re being quiet so that everyone will notice them being quiet. With the world as their stage, Leos shine as born leaders. These magnetic extroverts love to entertain, but should be wary of becoming too bossy around their guests.
Fragrance match: A great scent for Leo is something over the top, say lotus blossom, osmanthus or Tahitian Vanilla

Virgoastrological (12)

Virgos are very sensitive in mind, body and spirit. This sign tries to deflect attention by focusing on everyone but themselves, and can usually be found doing more work than anyone else behind the scenes.
Fragrance match: This sensitive sign is prone to allergies, so choose something that has an effect, but in a subtle way. Notes of lavender, chamomile, ginger and ylang ylang will soothe stressed minds.

Libraastrological (11)

Those born under Libra are known for being nice to everyone they meet. Possessing natural charm, Librans get what they want by assessing a situation intellectually, then encouraging others to cooperate. Because they share their success with others, they’re usually popular in social circles. They’re also romantic and love being in love. A Libra without a partner is a sad sight to see.
Fragrance match: Rose, the most romantic scent, is a good match for the Libran woman.

Scorpioastrological (10)

The Scorpio woman is emotional and passionate, a lover and a fighter. The Scorpio woman loves to play games and can be a bit jealous, but it’s her dynamic, magnetic personality that has you coming back for more.
Fragrance match: Mandarin, red apple, freesia, musk and sandalwood are ideal scents for the Scorpion woman.

Sagittariusastrological (6)

They are the playful puppy of the zodiac. Sagittarians are independent people with a talent for adapting to any culture or client. They love to be outdoors, and are often all too willing to escape the confines of responsibility or work. They do have a philosophical side, but their true strength is child-like optimism.
Fragrance match: Fun-loving fragrances, such as peony and earthy vetiver, suit the class-clown personality Sagittarius possesses.

Capricornastrological (7)

Capricorns are put-together, polished and goal-oriented types who go after what they want very methodically. Their shoes, their belt, their handbag, they all match. Capricorns live and die by their personal rules and regulations, which they see as necessary to fuel their success.
Fragrance match: Because Capricorns value tradition, they match well with classic, old-fashioned scents like apple, cucumber, rose, violet and sandalwood.

Aquariusastrological (4)

Aquarius lives in the future. Aquarius plays by her own rules, to which she stubbornly clings when matters of principle are involved. Idealists in every respect, they’re often humanitarians and are deeply loyal to friends.
Fragrance match: Ever the individual, Aquarius’ ideal scent is something unique like patchouli, musk, vetiver, orris, vanilla, jasmine.

Piscesastrological (3)

They are the natural psychics of the zodiac. They’re deep. Considering that Pisces is ruled by Neptune, it’s no wonder that their depths mimic the ocean. Pisces women have a certain mysterious intrigue about them that translates to an ever-present male interest. Even in their 80s, they have something that attracts men. Their energy makes people curious about them.

Fragrance match: Pisces are drawn to the ocean, so salty scents with notes of Bergamot, Virginia Cedar or Cashmeran.



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