GLOWPopular TV (1)

* 8.4
Running time:  1h.
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Sport
Creators: Liz Flahive, Carly Mensch
Starring: Alison Brie, Betty Gilpin, Sydelle Noel, etc…
Ruth Wilder an out-of-work actress living in’80s Los Angeles finds an unexpected chance at stardom in the glitter and spandex-laden world of women’s wrestling. She must work alongside 12 other Hollywood misfits, while Sam Sylvia, a washed-up ‘B’ movies director tries to lead the group of women to fame.

 Pretty Little LiarsPopular TV (5)
* 7.6
Running time: 44min.
Genre: Drama, Mystery, Romance
Creator: I. Marlene King
Starring: Troian Bellisario, Ashley Benson, Lucy Hale, etc…
In Rosewood, Pennsylvania, Alison DiLaurentis disappears. One year later her estranged friends Aria Montgomery, Hanna Marin, Emily Fields and Spencer Hastings reunited as they begin receiving messages from a mysterious figure named ‘A’, who threatens to expose their deepest secrets.

SupernaturalPopular TV (3)

* 8.6
Running time:  44min.
Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Horror
Creator: Eric Kripke
Starring: Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Jim Beaver
Two Winchester brothers, Sam and Dean, raised by their father, John, to hunt and kill all things that go ‘bump in the night’ after his wife, Mary, was murdered by an evil supernatural being when the boys were young.

ShamelessPopular TV (4)

* 8.7
Running time:  46min.
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Creator: Paul Abbott
Starring: Emmy Rossum, William H. Macy, Ethan Cutkosky
Alcoholic father, Frank lives in a perpetual stupor while his six children with whom he lives cope as best they can. Fiona, the eldest daughter, takes the role of parent to her five brothers and sisters: Lip, Ian, Debbie, Carl, and Liam. Together they try to deal with life in the South Side projects of Chicago.

The RanchPopular TV (2)

* 7.6
Running time: 30min.
Genre: Comedy
Creators: Jim Patterson, Don Reo
Starring: Ashton Kutcher, Danny Masterson, Debra Winger, etc…
Colt returns home to Colorado after a failed semi-pro football career. He plans to run the family ranch with his older brother, Rooster and father, Beau, whom he hasn’t seen in 15 years. In addition to proving himself to his father, Colt is torn between his current girlfriend and his high school sweetheart.

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