Capital Media Solutions (Pvt) Ltd launched a new TV channel branded ‘Nations Channel’ on Friday, June 30, 2017 to provide audiences with informative programmes rich in artistic value. This channel is aimed at enhancing viewers’ taste in an era when there is a dearth of high quality TV programmes. ‘A Quality Channel without Rubbish’ is the motto of this channel.

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The Nations Channel slated to telecast programmes, the likes of which the viewers have never before experienced, which are well suited to those who want to enhance knowledge and improve their taste in art and culture.

The TV station is furnished with state-of-the-art equipment to telecast high definition pictures. Their programme producers are experts in their respective fields.

01 (5)For example, Ven. Prof. Pathegame Gnanissara, Prof. Sunanda Mahendra and Mahinda Dalupotha are some of the resource persons who produce programmes ‘Dharmayanaya’, ‘Wahara’ and ‘Dalupotha Ekka’ respectively. The channel has many new faces in anchoring.

The channel strives to focus on classical and meaningful songs rather than cheap pop songs. An additional feature of this channel is that it can be viewed by tuning to Dialog satellite TV channel No. 123.