The sports world is currently embroiled in the dumbest argument in recent memory: Are female athletes as equally good as their male counterparts?

The debate was kicked off after legendary tennis player John McEnroe suggested that if Serena Williams played against men, she’d be ranked 700. On Tuesday morning, he went a step further and suggested that this whole problem could be solved if the men’s and women’s divisions were simply combined during an appearance on ‘CBS This Morning’.
This is not the first time this foolish debate has started. I have had people tell me to my face that there are several women in the WNBA who could make NBA rosters. That is just flat-out false.

Why can’t we  just applaud  the incredible accomplishments of Williams, female Olympians, WNBA players and other outstanding female athletes? They have done some outstanding and remarkable things in their respective fields, and comparing them to men diminishes what they’ve done.

More importantly, you have to be insanely dumb to believe for a second female athletes can compete against their male counterparts. This isn’t to say that a female athlete in the WNBA couldn’t beat some guys in high school, but that’s much different than saying WNBA players belong in the NBA.

The reality of the situation is that biology and science don’t lie. Men are naturally bigger, stronger, taller, more explosive and just plainly more athletic. Ironic that liberals, who claim to love science, ignore it the moment it comes to women in sports.

I have seen with my own eyes 14 and 15-year old boys that would dominate the WNBA. Former UNC player JP Tokoto was one of the most athletic high school players I’ve ever seen in my life. He still wasn’t good enough to cut it in the NBA, but there is not a woman on the planet that could stop him from getting to the rim.

If Tokoto is capable of those moves before he’s legally allowed to drive, what the hell makes anybody think somebody in the WNBA is going to stop him?

The same applies for other sports. Take hockey for example. Hilary Knight is one of the greatest and most talented skaters I’ve ever seen, and perhaps she is the greatest female hockey player ever. What she has done on the ice can’t be understated, but make no mistake about it, if she played in the NHL she would get obliterated and possibly seriously hurt.

NHL players bash each other’s faces in. Why would we even want to put women in a discussion that contains so much violence?

Lastly, lets cut the garbage about putting women in the NFL. It’s so stupid it’s hard to comprehend how anybody could lack the brain cells to not understand why it’s an insane proposition. NFL player’s careers can end on one bad hit. How will a 5’8″ 130 pound woman hold up against men two and half times her size with the same aggression as a bull?

Social justice warriors love making these arguments because it makes them feel nice and warm inside, and nothing feels better to an SJW than ignoring reality. They think they’re morally righteous because they claim WNBA players are the same as LeBron James or that women belong in the NFL.

Isn’t it also weird that all these morons ignore the fact that Serena Williams was once smoked by a male tennis player, who prior to the match spent the day drinking beer and golfing? I wonder why none of them are eager to discuss history. I can also guarantee you this, none of these SJWs would be laughing if some poor woman had to be dragged to the hospital with a broken neck because we just had to put a women in the NHL.
It’s this simple: If you think women and men are the same when it comes to sports you are an idiot beyond explanation.
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