The pay scuffle between CA and the Australian Cricketers took an ugly turn as CA’s team performance manager Pat Howard issued a warning to the players. Howard, in an email, made things clear that if the pay dispute carries on post July 1 and if any of the non-contracted players are found playing any unsanctioned games, they will be banned for six months.

Players could miss Ashes

Howard’s e-mail is in light of the top players wanting to play in exhibition and charity games against each other in the event of the pay dispute dragging on after the expiry of the current MoU between both parties. If a player neglects this warning then he might not appear in the forthcoming Ashes which start in November.

“Players (including uncontracted players) cannot play in ICC approved cricket (e.g. domestic T20 competitions operated by overseas cricket boards) without approval from Cricket Australia. Players who participate in disapproved cricket (e.g. exhibition matches) are not permitted to participate in ICC approved cricket for a minimum of six months thereafter.” Howard wrote in an email to state associations and the ACA which was seen by ESPNcricinfo.

Both parties firm
With just two days left for the current MoU to expire, neither party is showing any change of stance. CA is firm on scrapping the revenue sharing model whereas the players are opposing this move since the model has been in operation for 20 years now.
Taking part in overseas domestic T20 leagues would require an NOC from CA, which will be granted on a case-by-case basis. The e-mail also said that players won’t be allowed to enter into sponsorship deals with the rivals of CA’s commercial partners. It further stated that players won’t get any payment for the lapse days between the expiration of the contract and the signing of the new one.

“If your contract expires on 30 June, you will not be an employee of CA, a State Association or a W/BBL Team from 1 July,” Howard wrote. “This means that you are not required to play, train, perform player appearances or media commitments, and you will not be paid a retainer until such time as an MOU is agreed and a player contract is agreed with you in writing.

“If an MOU is agreed on or by 14 July, your playing contract would only commence from the date the MOU is agreed. CA does not intend that retainers would be back paid to cover any elapsed period between your current contract expiring and the execution of a new contract when a new MOU is agreed.”

On the brighter side, Howard also said that players are free to train at the training facilities and the medical expenses, accident and health insurance will be arranged even after July 1. Nobody expected this dispute to prolong for such a large period. Top players were threatened by Sutherland of unemployment but the likes of Warner remained unperturbed as they have various T20 leagues to fall back on in case of financial distress.

(Cric Tracker)