Israel has shown an increasing attention on Sri Lanka over the recent years as a unique tropical destination in the Indian Ocean with great surfing locations similar to Miami beach (USA) and Jaws, Maui-Hawaii.

Giving consideration to the importance of   showcasing the exquisite Sri Lankan cuisine in Israel, Sri Lanka Tourism organised an authentic Sri Lankan culinary festival and tourism promotion with the collaborative partnership of The Sheraton Hotel Tel Aviv- Israel, and Kingsbury Hotel Colombo.

The Sri Lankan food festival which took place recently was the very first event of its kind (Culinary Tourism) to be organised in Israel by Sri Lanka Tourism.

The event took place for 12 days and highly skilled Chefs from the Kingsbury Hotel, Colombo contributed their valuable service for this food festival by creating truly Sri Lankan culinary dishes for the Israeli food lovers. During this food festival, The Kingsbury hotel’s Culinary team collaborated with the Sheraton Hotel, Tel Aviv to create various Sri Lankan cuisines from traditional to street food to offer greater culinary exposure on destination Sri Lanka.

With this culinary tourism promotion activity Sri Lanka Tourism in collaboration with Sri Lanka mission in Israel expected to offer new tourism products for Israeli travellers based on their consumer behaviours where it will create a greater impact on decision making process when Israelis select their holiday destinations for upcoming holidays. Overall this food festival   created greater awareness among the public about destination Sri Lanka and further encouragedIsrael’s outbound travel agents to promote Sri Lanka within their potential clientele.