The government is currently looking at making police reports, attesting to their behaviour compulsory for graduates applying for jobs in the government and public sector.

A senior official in the Government said that the move was to ensure that those with prior convictions of vandalism or are accused of such will not be incorporated into the government work force.

Accordiingly, those who apply for administrative, accounting, management, medical, engineering, and teaching professions, would have to produce a police report even if they had passed the eligibility examinations. This comes in the wake of the alleged unruly behavior by medical students who had barged into the health Ministry last week and damaged property.

Sources said that producing a police report for government jobs was mandatory many years ago but the practice was stopped afterwards.

It was said that those who have prior police records of damaging property would not be considered for jobs in the government sector.

  • Eluwahandi Pemaratne

    This should be extended to checking when annual mahapola awards are given. For this person desciplinary reports should be called before recommending Mahapola grants each year.

  • Tikiri Banda

    As it is young people are leaving seeking jobs overseas.

  • kligon

    this should be mandatory for politicians too…..a police report before they can(get nominations) contest in elections..!