Duo Software (Pvt.) Ltd., a provider of Communication and Collaboration Solutions via its FaceTone application,recently signed up with Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC, the largest private Bank in Sri Lanka. FaceTone will help provide Commercial Bank with an efficient and high performance customer support center solution, which will provide heightened customer experiences with increased customer satisfactions, keeping in line with their reputation for being a trendsetter.

FaceTone will empower the Commercial Bank’s customer support centerto operate on a new level of functionality, fueling up the inbound and outbound customer interactions across an Omni-channel platform. Omni-channel platform provides the capability of communicating via multiple channels such asvoice, voicemail, Email, SMS, social media, Skype, and web chat. Building on Duo Software’s heritage of providing easy and transparent management of all customer support centerfunctionalities,FaceTone provides the ability to supervise the client’s agents using tools including agent monitoring, real-time reporting and quality assurance.

“We are extremely delighted to work with Commercial Bank, one of the most technologically advanced and innovative financial service providers in Sri Lanka to deliver a heightened customer experience that will nurture customer relationships and increase customer satisfaction, while pushing the boundaries of traditional Communication and Collaboration solutions with a wide array of features,” says Anjana Chandrathilaka, Chief Operations OfficerDuo Software (Pvt.) Ltd.

With the highly automated self-service IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system integrated to FaceTone, Commercial Bank will be able to provide24/7 tele-banking services including verifying account/credit card balance, card activation/blocking, loan requests and chequebook request.

Cutting-edge technology enables FaceTone to provide an intelligent request routing algorithm to route any calls, SMS, chats or even social media interactions to directly call center agents based on the pre-allocated skills such as language fluency, knowledge, expertise, etc. Innovative call routing techniques used in FaceTone swiftly matches the caller in the queue to the relevant call center agent in order to assist them,by providing the personal information and the previous interactions of the customers from the in-built CRM feature, agents can involve with customers swiftly and provide a superior service.

The comprehensive Help Desk Module built in to the FaceTone CRM provides the capability of creating tickets and assign to relevant parties, ensuring the service levels are maintained as per to the standards and to builda strong relationship with the customers. DuoSoftware believes that the unique approach towards transforming Commercial Bank’s customer experience will enhance their competitive advantage and create a satisfied customer base, assisting them in achieving their business goals.