There is a common saying that behind every successful man there is a woman. But often we don’t talk much about her. This time we allocated some space for these unsung women behind the success of such outstanding cricketers in Sri Lanka. In this column the present writer focuses on the romantic times and interesting incidents in their married life.
Anuradha Nadeeshani Kurukulasooriya, the wife of famous national cricket player Dimuth Karunaratne, joins in this discussion with the Rivira Group. We avoided discussing about his cricket life but rather discussed the couple’s love in day-to-day life at home. Below as excerpts of the interview.

Q: How did you meet Dimuth?

Dimuth’s father and my father have been very close friends and I came to know Dimuth through my father. My father introduced me to Dimuth at a party of my father’s friend. We had a brief chat on that occasion.

Q: What was your first impression about Dimuth?

I didn’t have any special feeling for him when I met him first. I am not a cricket fan. I couldn’t even stand why my family members watched cricket matches. Marrying a cricketer was the furthest thing from my mind those days.

Q: Why did you dislike marrying a cricketer so much?CRICKETING HERO’S (2)

Maybe I didn’t like cricket at that stage in my life. But my fate had it that I had to marry a cricketer.

Q: Do you still dislike cricket?

Oh no. Now that is the last thing I would dislike. I watch cricket matches with him and to top it off I join him on foreign tours.

Q: How did you meet him again after your first meeting at the party?

After two or three days later I received an anonymous SMS which read ‘How do you do? I am Dimuth.’ He didn’t ask for my mobile number at the party. He would have probably got it from his sister. After the SMS episode, he called me while I was at a shooting in Maharagama asking me whether he could see me at the location. He came to the location and had a chat with us, mostly with my mother.

Q: Didn’t you notice something strange when a virtual stranger visited you?

I was not very concerned about his visit as I was in the middle of a shoot and besides, my mother was with me. It was Dimuth who gave us a lift home.

Q: How did you manage to come to terms with marrying a cricketer if you were not in favour of cricketers previously?

Gradually SMS messages turned into calls. Afterwards we frequently called each other. Dimuth is very humble and respected his superiors. When I closely observed him I felt that he was an exemplary character who suited me, though I did not explicitly give him my consent. In the course of time this familiarity turned into love. We hadn’t much time for romance. We were married within a short period of eight months after first meeting. In fact, we started loving each other only after getting married.

Q: Do you now see the same Dimuth you saw before marriage?

Oh yes! I don’t see any change in him though we have been married for the last two years. I feel very lucky to have a husband like him whom I dreamed of marrying.

Q: Have you given up acting since marriage?

Yes. I devote my full time to life with Dimuth.

Q: Dimuth is a star cricket player who is the cynosure of many young girls. Have you ever been jealous?

No, I don’t have an iota of jealousy. When I was acting, I had many fans but Dimuth never misunderstood me. In fact, I really enjoy his popularity.

Q: Who is more hot tempered, you or he?

I am the hot tempered person but I am not given to quarrelling. Dimuth’s biggest shortcoming is his forgetfulness. He often comes back home to pick up something he has forgotten. Then only I chide him. But I am no better than him in that respect.

Q: It is common that popular characters tie the knot soon after their first encounter and soon afterwards their marriage is on the rocks. What is your opinion?

I admit it. It often happens when the couple doesn’t have perfect mutual understanding. We have perfect understanding between us, so we have no such issue.

Q: Do you expect a visit from the stork any time soon?

Why not? We both are looking forward to it eagerly.

(Translated by Ananda Elkaduwa)