Pisces: French Bulldog

You’re full of surprises, dear Pisces, and the same goes for this pointy-eared pooch. He packs a huge personality into such a small bundle, and, like you, his knack for reading and adapting to emotions and making sure others around him always wear a smile are unmatched by any other breed.

Aries: German Shepherd

Courageous, determined and fierce: You’re often considered the strongest zodiac sign of the bunch, and the same can be said for this watchful, obedient and intelligent breed. We guarantee you’ll get along like two peas in a pod.

Taurus: Siberian Husky

You’re probably looking for a pup that’s strong and energetic to match your active lifestyle, and what better breed than the husky, which hails from Arctic sled dogs? Just like you, they’re resilient under pressure but also extremely compassionate and caring, except when it comes to chewing on the pillows, of course.


You need a breed that’s going to keep up with you, speedy Gemini. These hunting dogs are not only fast (and love a good game of fetch) but also extremely intelligent and communicative. You’ll be reading each other’s minds in no time.


Courageous Cancer: Your ideal companion is creative and spontaneous, just like you. And since Chihuahuas are known for their eccentricity and fearlessness, there’s no better match. This little pooch will be your best friend and snuggle buddy when all you need is a little love.


You’re an absolute joy to be around, Leo, just like this beaming ray of dog-shaped sunshine. A golden retriever is loyal, energetic and literally always happy—three qualities you cherish above all.


Considered the most intelligent sign of all the zodiac, you’re not looking for just any ol’ playmate. These Japanese hunting dogs are known for their independence and cleverness.


You appreciate balance in all things, and this breed is equal parts playful and serious. Whether you’re in the mood for a game of chase, or just simply looking to cuddle on the couch, the loving Aussie will be right by your side.

Like you, Labs value loyalty above all things. These good-natured animals are known to form deep bonds of lifelong friendship with their owners. And although you might not like to show emotions, this breed is in tune to even the most imperceptible moods, and will surprise you with a gracious face lick when you need it most.


Seeking a companion for your next adventure? The beagle always has its nose to the ground on the hunt for an interesting scent, just like your restlessness for the next move. From cross-country road trips to sniffing out the best new patches of grass around town, you’ll never run out of things to do. Keep him close: He’ll take the lead if you ever lose your way.


Pensive and dignified, the Chow Chow can often be considered aloof. But that’s no bother to you, Capricorn, since you’re not a fan of wearing your heart on your sleeve, anyway. Your circle of trust is small, but once you get to know this proud dog, you’re sure to make room for one more.

Boredom isn’t in your vocab, which means you need this spunky little dog by your side. With a playful and outgoing personality, the terrier needs an owner who’s always up for a game of tug-of-war, just as you need a four-legged friend that brings all the excitement.
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