The Lankan Government following successful negotiations with Emirates is expecting by July that at least one Airbus A380 plane will come per week to the Bandaranaike International Airport, Katunayake. An average of four to five such flights is expected per month.

Emirates subsequent to discussions with the Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation had visited the country and inspected the runway at Katunayake which had been overlaid and currently has a total width of 75 metres (m), with the track being 45m wide and the shoulders (7.5m into two into two) on either side coming to 30m (15m each on either side for the said shoulders).

Deputy Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation, Ashok Abeysinghe said that previously the runway could not accommodate the A380 yet now it following the widening could.
“Emirates are positive about the matter and we expect that within about one month, the said planes and number of flights will materialize,” he added.