Aries (Mesha): The week ahead is very significant for you given Saturn’s impending return to Scorpio sign on June 21 which brings you back under the influence of the Ashtamaya Shani Erashtaka which will operate till October 26 this year. You have to treat this period as a time when your moral strength, integrity of character, your resilience and capacity for meeting challenges are under severe test. This is a time for introspection and discovering your own potential.

Taurus (Vrushabha): Saturn’s impending return to Scorpio sign on June 21 will relieve you of the possible rigors of Ashtamaya Shani Erashtaka until October 26. Anyway, if you were psychologically braced to face a challenging time, you may not relax your vigil or put down your defenses. The Sun -Mars combination in your 2nd House could cause disharmony and unhappiness in the family.

Gemini (Mithuna): Saturn’s return to your 6th House is favourable for you.  You will be free from disease and rid of troubles from enemies. Mars – Sun combination in your Lagna can make you excessively bold, energetic and adventurous. Besides, you become prone to diseases caused by the excessive heat of the body. However, Mercury due to attain Swakshetra in your Lagna by June 18 will bring you wealth and happiness.
Cancer (Kataka): Retrograde Saturn’s advent to Scorpio in your 5th House holds out the possibility of your sons getting separated from you and losing your wealth. The Sun – Mars conjunction in your 12th House may cause adverse effects such as heavy expenses, eye disease, bilious complaints and other worries. Disharmony and problems that can mar the family happiness are also likely. Venus transiting in the 10th House can give rise to events that could bring disgrace you.

Leo (Simha): Retrograde Saturn due to begin transit in the 4th House again from June 21 indicates possible circumstances that can cause you unhappiness, separation from friends and loss of wealth. However, Lagnadhipati Sun – Mars conjunction in the 11th House holds out increased wealth, enhanced returns from investments and the patronage of VIPs.
Venus in the 9th Housecontinues to hold out wealth and general happiness while imbuing you with a righteous mindset

Virgo (Kanya): Retrograde Saturn due to return to your 3rd House holds out enhanced power, influence, robust health and a whip hand over enemies. Those running favourable Dasas can look forward to a rise in career, success in all ventures and gainful foreign travel thanks to the powerful Sun-Mars–Mercury conjunction intheir 10th Karmasthana.This is a position beneficial for natives holding executive, military and political office in particular. You have to develop a more down-to-earth attitude rather than being too philosophical.
Marital prospects are very bright for the young unmarried.

Libra (Thula): Retrograde Saturn returning to your 2nd House on June 21, being the lord of the 4th and 5th House will bring success and achievement to you. The Sun dignifying your 9th House with its transit mitigates the ill-effects being produced by Mars and Mercury. A distant journey, a pilgrimage is a possibility. You have to be wary of attempts to bring you to disrepute. Rahu continuing transit in the 11th House counters malefic influences against you.

Scorpio (Vrushika): Retrograde Saturn is back in your Lagna from June 21 bringing you again under the Jamma Shani Erashtaka. You will be under Saturn’s influence until October 26. You have to consider the Erashtaka as a period that puts your moral strength, your potential as a human being and your capacity to withstand rigors in life under trial. You are prone to ailments in the excretory system and bladder due to heat of the body.

Sagittarius (Dhanu): You will be relieved of the ill-effects of Jamma Shani Erashtaka when Saturn returns to Scorpio sign in the 12th House on June 1. However, Saturn in the 12th is not an auspicious position for it could cause much grief.  You are prone to kidney trouble. The ongoing period is not auspicious for any important event related to matrimony either. Those married should pay special attention to the health and safety of the spouse

Capricorn (Makara): Lagnadhipati Saturn’s return to your 11th House may bring you an increased income. You are a beneficiary of the powerful Sun – Mars – Mercury conjunction in your 6th House. This position is especially favourable for those holding high political, military or executive office. You are fortunate that Jupiter is now passing through your 9th House making you efficient at work and influential while conferring wealth and success in all endeavors.

Aquarius (Kumbha): Saturn being your Lagnadhipati can confer a rise in career when he enters your Karmasthana on June 21 if your Dasas are favourable. Sun – Mars – Mercury combination in the 5th House is unfavourable for both spouse and children. Venus in your 3rdHouse makes you very influential and brings you wealth and high status. The ongoing period is not auspicious for any event related to matrimony unless Rahu is strong Vimsopaka Bala calculation.

Pisces (Meena): Saturn’s impending return to Scorpio in your 9th House can bring you both illness and unhappiness. Though Mercury now in the 4th House can bring you gains, Sun and Mars there could bring you only trouble. However, you are fortunate to have Lagnadhipati Jupiter transiting in your 7th House making your living comfortable and worthwhile. You have to be careful that you are prone to fever and digestive disorders due to Mars in the 4th House.