The Government has appointed over 20 Ministers to seats and electorates in the country to ensure the implementation of the programme for rebuilding areas of the country that experienced destruction due to the recent disaster situation which resulted from floods and landslides.

Among those who have been thus appointed, United National Party Cabinet Minister of Rural Economic Affairs, P. Harrison, for an example, has been tasked with looking into matters in Baddegama.

Meanwhile, when queried as to what the role of the Ministry of Rural Economy was in relation to protecting the environment, particularly in light of the fact that several Government Ministers had in the wake of the disaster called for each Ministry to have a disaster management plan, Harrison said that there were committees which came under the purview of the Ministry of Disaster Management that had been appointed in this regard, all of which acted on the advice of President Maithripala Sirisena.

According to Harrison, the said programme involved building anew or rebuilding where necessary the houses that had been damaged by the floods and the landslides, the provision of relief to those adversely impacted by the disaster and the victims, the payment of compensation to them, the provision of clean drinking water and also electricity, and the reconstruction of damaged roads and the improvement of non damaged ones.

Harrison pointed out further that the Government intended to complete the said programme within three months.

“Measures and steps will be taken to raise and uplift their daily communal lives. I have since visited Baddegama, and have also met and discussed with the particular organizers, the relevant officials and the people,” he explained.