Aries (Mesha): Given several planetary shifts in the offing, be prepared to come to terms with new developments in your workaday life and also subtle nuances influencing your mind and body. Sun – Mars combination due to form in your 3rd House by June 15 may bring you enhanced power and authority while imbuing you with a propensity for adventure and risk-taking. Mercury due to enter the 3rd House on June 18 is likely to bring you more friends.

Taurus (Vrushabha): You are likely to experience a dip in your confidence, zest for work and the buoyant spirit when the Sun leaves your Lagna for the 2nd House on June 15. The Sun -Mars combination due to form in your 2nd House could cause disharmony and unhappiness in the family. You have to guard yourself against being misled by scheming persons offering you wrong advice which could lead to loss of your wealth and reputation. The warning for you to guard yourself against attempts to bring you into disrepute still holds good.

Gemini (Mithuna): Mars – Sun combination due to form in your Lagna by June 15 can make you excessively bold, energetic and adventurous. Besides, you become prone to diseases caused by the excessive heat of the body. However, Mercury due to attain Swakshetra in your Lagna by June 18 will bring you wealth and happiness. An enhanced income and gains from friends can be expected due to Venus’ transit in the 11th House.

Cancer (Kataka): The Sun due to conjoin Mars in your 12th House by June 15 will aggravate the adverse effects such as heavy expenses, eye disease, bilious complaints and other worries. Disharmony and problems that can mar the family happiness are also likely. Venus transiting in the 10th House can give rise to events that could bring you disgrace.

Leo (Simha): Lagnadhipati Sun due to join Mars in the 11th House on June 15 holds out increased wealth, enhanced returns from investments and the patronage of VIPs. Venus in the 9th House continues to hold  out wealth and general happiness while imbuing you with a righteous mindset. Meanwhile, Mercury due to enter Gemini in the 11th House on June 18 will augment the benefits held out by Sun and Venus.

Virgo (Kanya): Those running favourable Dasas can look forward to a rise in career, success in all ventures and gainful foreign travel thanks to the powerful Sun-Mars conjunction due to form in your 10th Karmasthana.This is a position beneficial for natives holding executive, military and political office in particular. You have to develop a more down-to-earth attitude rather than being too philosophical. Marital prospects are very bright for the young unmarried.

Libra (Thula): The Sun due to dignify your 9th House with its transit from June 15 will mitigate the ill-effects being produced by Mars. A distant journey, a pilgrimage is a possibility. Success, power, wealth and happiness are indicated by Mercury passing through your 8th House. You have to be wary of attempts to bring you to disrepute. The adverse influence of Venus in your 7th House predicts the possibility of women becoming a source of much trouble for you.

Scorpio (Vrushika): You are prone to ailments in the excretory system and bladder due to heat of the body. Jupiter’s transit in the 11th House indicates returning home from a fruitless time abroad and recovery of lost wealth and health. Saturn transiting in the 2nd House is an impediment to enjoying your wealth. Venus in your 6th House and Mars in your 8th House indicate a brief unfavourable period ahead.

Sagittarius (Dhanu): You are prone to kidney trouble. The ongoing period is not auspicious for any important event related to matrimony either. Those married should pay special attention to the health and safety of the spouse. You can mitigate or counter all ill-effects of malefic influences by acting with courage, patience and foresight. A simple and a righteous lifestyle is timely. The beneficial influence of Venus in your 5th House will bring you wealth and a measure of happiness.

Capricorn (Makara): You are a beneficiary of the powerful Sun – Mars conjunction due to form in your 6th House by June 15. This position is especially favourable for those holding high political, military or executive office. You are fortunate that Jupiter is now passing through your 9th House making you efficient at work and influential while conferring wealth and success in all endeavors. Venus in your 5th House too assures enhanced power and also the support of new friends.

Aquarius (Kumbha): Happiness in the family and goodwill from close relatives are indicated by Mercury now in the 4th House. Venus in your 3rd House makes you very influential and brings you wealth and high status. The Sun – Mars combination due to form in your 5th House is not a favourable position and the safety and the wellbeing of your children could be a cause for anxiety and concern. Saturn in the 11th House brings you wealth, but makes you hard-hearted.

Pisces (Meena): You are likely to get embroiled in disputes and clashes with family members and relatives due to the adverse influence of the Sun due to begin transit in the 4th House. However, you are fortunate to have Lagnadhipati Jupiter transiting in your 7th House making your living comfortable and worthwhile. However, you have to be careful that you are prone to fever and digestive disorders due to Mars in the 4th House.