Lee Young-ae

Popular Korean Actress Lee Young-ae who is known in Sri Lanka for her iconic role ‘Changumi’ in the famous historical drama ‘Dae Jang Geum’ dubbed as ‘Sujatha Diyaniya’ reciprocated her love towards Sri Lanka by donating 56,000,000 Korean Won (50,000 US Dollars) to support flood and landslide relief efforts.

The Chairman of the Korea Foundation for Persons with Disabilities, Lee Seong-gyu formally handed over Young-ae’s contribution to the Charge d’Affaires of Sri Lanka in the Republic of Korea Sasanga Nikapitiya on June 5 at the Sri Lanka Embassy in Seoul.
The actress had indicated in a message that she was ‘deeply saddened to receive the news that the Sri Lankan people had lost their lives and houses due to the severe flooding.’

As the scale of the damage became increasingly extensive,’ she wanted ‘to help with the recovery efforts’ in whichever way she could. She also wished those affected people and their families an early recovery. As the Advisory Chairperson of the Korea Foundation for Persons with Disabilities, Lee Young-ae also plays a positive role in improving awareness on disabilities and persons with disabilities among the general public. She also supports the under privileged in numerous ways.