Liberal civilization is the end of human civilization, says Francis Fukuyama, who is a political student of American theoretician Samuel Huntinton but Professor Huntinton debunks it outright and opines that liberal civilization is not the end of capitalism but it leads to conflicts in world civilization.

Huntinton’s profile is not a good one. It is he who advised the American government to aerial bomb the rural areas of Vietnam during the Vietnam War in order to drive villagers to urban areas. This American political theoretician’s argument against his student’s view has some validity.

The conflict between the Islamic world and the West is a good example for this. The reason behind these conflicts is the confrontation between Islamic and Western civilizations.  Historically speaking it is a battle between the cross and the crescent.
America and its allies bombed many Islamic cities in the guise of battle against terror in the past which destroyed many main cities of Islamic faith except Iran. Now Islamic faction has started retaliation targeting the capitals of western countries. 9/11 attack on the twin towers in America, Paris attack in 2015 and similar attacks can be cited as examples.

Cradle of western civilization

In the last four months, Islamic terrorists have begun terrorist attacks on Britain. Westminster attack in last March, Manchester attack in May and the latest attack at the London bridge illustrate this trend. All these attacks in London have some significance as London is considered as the cradle of western civilization.

As reported,  a  heavy white van rammed into some pedestrians on the London bridge while three other terrorists slashed some people at the Borough market area near the bridge who were shot dead by security personnel. So far, the details of the attackers have not been disclosed.

Mark Rowell, the assistant commissioner of the London metropolitan describes the carnage thus: “The attackers wore jackets similar to explosive jackets in order to mislead security personnel. Investigations are conducted on this attack as an act of terrorism.
BBC correspondent who eye-witnessed the incident describes the gruesome murders thus: “The attackers’ vehicle passing me knocked down five or six people in front of me.”


Another bystander who witnessed the attack, Jerrald, describes the incident in the following manner: “The attackers shouted ‘This is in the name of Allah’ and stabbed a young woman walking nearby ten to fifteen times. This leads to believe that Islamic extremists are behind this attack.

There is a significant increase in terrorist attacks in Britain in the recent past. However, an Islamic terrorist organization has owned the responsibility of this attack.

There are various opinions on the recent attacks in London. The most credible one is something related to the general election to be held on June 8. Terrorists use terror as democrats use vote to achieve their goals. Let us examine the political motive of the terrorists in the wake of the general election in Britain.

After Prime Minister David Cameron left the office prematurely, certain instability surfaced in British politics. Theresa May who succeeded him holds firm stance on many issues including the migrant question. She was backed by many voters who supported the view that Britain should exit from the European Union who believed Britain should be independent and regain its former glory.

Tougher stance

Political analysts believe that Theresa May is likely to win the forthcoming election as she is backed by the majority of voters who supported to exit from the EU.

Theresa May’s Conservative Party takes a tougher stance against terrorism than the Labour Party.

If Theresa’s government comes to power again she will not show any leniency to Islamic extremists and migrants from Islamic countries may face strict restrictions. Theresa May known to take strong decisions like Donald Trump. Islamic terrorists’ motive is to undermine Theresa May’s success at the general election.

However, election campaign in Britain is somewhat marred by these attacks.  Islamic terrorists believe Theresa’s return to power will not be favourable to them. The Labour Party is unlikely to take strong decisions like Theresa May. On the other hand, the terrorists’ motive would be to pressurize the British government to pull back the British soldiers engaged in the Middle East war.

The above political opinion expressed here can be proved correct from the following incidents. The latest incidents were the terrorist attacks carried out during the recent French presidential election.

The terrorist attack took place in Madrid in Spain in 2004 in the eve of an election killing 190 civilians aiming to disrupt the victory of incumbent Prime Minister Jose Asnar who was leading figure in the American fight against Islamic terror. Theresa May is a strong politician like Margret Thatcher. Terrorists target London because   they consider it to be a strategic location to assert their power. So, even after the election Islamic attacks in Britain may not cease.

Weakness in intelligence service

Two weeks back Osama Bin Laden’s son, Hamza Bin Laden threatened the West that Al Qaida will launch attacks on them and challenged the west to stop them. But Al Qaida is not strong as earlier. Currently only IS has the power to launch such attacks world over.  London attacks show the weakness in British intelligence service. In the aftermath of the Manchester attack Britain said that they would not share their intelligence secrets with America.

London has a large Islamic migrant population and the majority of Muslims are offspring of them. Most of IS members are from the upper middle class in Britain because IS has a strong network to enroll them to their organization. If a very safe city like London is vulnerable to terrorist attacks, the world is not safe from terror on the whole.
(Translated by Ananda Elkaduwa)        


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