Turmoil over corruption

Committee recommends Ministers’ removal

Ball in Wiggie’s Court

Ministers of the Northern Provincial Council (NPC) have come under scrutiny after allegations of financial corruption and misuse of power.
A committee appointed by the Northern Province Chief Minister, C.V. Wigneswaran had concluded their investigations and handed over their report which was tabled at the council on June 7.

Chairman of the Northern Provincial Council, C.V.K. Sivagnanam told the Nation that the Chief Minister would take a final decision on the issue this week when the Council convenes.

Allegations of misuse of power and financial corruption were leveled against all Ministers.
“Though the probe was initiated on all Ministers of the NPC, the committee had found two of them guilty and had recommended that they be removed,” Sivagnanam said.

The committee comprising Retired Justices S. Thiyakenthiran, S. Paramarajah and Retired District Secretary S. Patmanathan recommended that two ministers, Minister of Agriculture and Agrarian Services, Animal Husbandry, Irrigation, Water Supply, Food Supply and Distribution, Environment and Co-operative Development P.Aynkaranesan and Minister of Education, Cultural Affairs, Sports and Youth Affairs, T. Kurukularajah be removed from their portfolios. A tense situation arose when Councilor, M.K. Shivajilingam requested the Chief Minister to state his decision on the same day itself. However, it was decided that the matter would be taken up for debate on June 14.