South Asian regional drug enforcement agencies have arrived at a decision to share information concerning drug kingpins on a mutually beneficial basis for the purpose of future investigations with the view of arresting maritime crimes including drug smuggling and trafficking.

The Presidential Task Force on Drug Prevention informed that the heads of drug enforcement agencies of the Indian Ocean region who were senior officials providing leadership to tackling drug related issues including offences and drug eradication along with officers of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime had met recently and taken certain decisions pertaining to guarding the maritime, naval routes.

Apart from the partnership in relation to the exchange of information regarding main dealers, Director of the Task Force, Dr. Samantha Kumara Kithalawaarachchi further explained that Sri Lankan scientists had agreed to commercially produce drug testing kits which could be used in the field, thus addressing the problem of having to send the drugs to labs for testing, which is a cumbersome and time consuming process not conducive to the urgent identification of drugs and confirming the identity of such. The kits once mass produced are to be made available at a low cost to local and foreign drug enforcement agencies.

Meanwhile, he added that upon advice given by President Maithripala Sirisena to the Inspector General of Police, certain changes are presently underway in the Police with regard to organizing the narcotics force and strengthening procedures and efforts in this regard.