My lifetime dream of visiting Sri Lanka had finally come true. Last month, my photographer and I were on the island, for one magical week. I have a lot of memories, photos and stories, and more important I have more reasons to come back. Because one week is not enough to explore and discover the fabulous universe of Sri Lanka.

If you never intended to visit Sri Lanka, you should think to travel to this wonderful, tropical island from the South of India. Why? Let’s see…

1. We had two perfect flights with the local airlines, from KL to Colombo, and then to Dubai. The airline’s team spoiled us with amazing traditional food, cocktails, Ceylon tea, beers and fruit juices and we took some great pics with them. Memories in the sky.

2. Colombo is a colonial-exotic city, with crazy traffic and generous people. We chose a 5-star hotel in the center of the city, with a beautiful apartment and a stunning terrace with lake views. Every morning I watched a dozen of pelicans flying and landing on the water – a picture that is not easily to forget.

3. Sri Lanka has the most friendly people in the world. Lots and lots of smiles on the streets, spontaneous conversations, and a magical sense of pride and love for their country.

4. In Sri Lanka, you became a kid again and enjoy every moment.

5. The sunsets are from soft pink to purple, and the air is full of sea and Frangipani scents. Magic!

6. Local food and chefs are surprising. From fresh seafood to the elegant cocktails at the club, and to the traditional comfort dishes at the restaurants.

7. The Ceylon Tea is one of the best in the world!

8. The nights are magical, and we enjoyed a boat trip on the lake with food, drinks, and music.

9. Near our hotel we found the largest Casino from Sri Lanka, where you can play even small sums of money, just for fun!

10. Colombo is a hot, mesmerizing city. From the craziness of tuk-tuks, to the kindness of people, from the amazing food to the wonderful colonial hotels, from the heat of the days to the starry nights, we loved everything in the capital of Sri Lanka.

11. If you travel by car, like we did, please ask the driver to stop along the way, to see these wonderful statues and temples of Sri Lanka.

12. From Colombo to Bentota, one of the biggest resorts of Sri Lanka, is an easy ride of two hours. In here, we stopped at the Bentota Beach by Cinnamon, to refresh and drink a traditional fruit juice.

13. Bentota beach is absolutely spectacular!

14. The hotel, and the island, is children-friendly, you will find in here everything you need, very kind people and a lot of activities for your little ones.

15. When we left, we found out from our driver – Jagath Chandra, an amazing storyteller, that is a holiday in town, we stopped at a beautiful temple and participate in a Buddhist ceremony.

16. Meditating a couple of minutes under this magical sky is the best thing you can do for your mind and body. The island has a strong healing energy.

17. Back on the road, we saw along the way some out-of-this-world beaches, with white soft sand and turquoise waves.

18. We arrived in Hikkaduwa at noon, and we checked-in at a wonderful all-inclusive resort, on the beach.

19. For three days, we relaxed in this magical garden, we fed the squirrels, and we listened to the ocean.
20. In our morning strolls, we’ve discovered amazing white beaches. No tourists, just the sound of the waves.
21. We ate a lot of fresh seafood and other traditional dishes.

22. In the evening, we went to the Pool Bar to have a drink (ok, maybe two:) or stood inside, on our sea-view terrace.

23. The nights were for fun, at the main bar of the hotel.

24. After 3 days on the beach, we were just not ready to go. We wanted more of this.

25. If you have a long holiday, I recommend you to visit Kandy, Mirissa Beach, Sigiriya and Dambulla Cave Temple.

26. Try the divine fruits of the island, the coffee, and the tea. And, please, visit a tea and a cinnamon plantation. The scents are amazing!

27. In the south, you will find the Yala National Park. Take a jeep safari to the park, you will have the adventure of your life.

28. Sri Lanka is a well-known destination for weddings and honeymoons. You can have a ceremony on the beach, in the mountains or a wedding in the wilderness.

29. Before your flight, try the various lounges at the Bandaranaike International Airport. There are exotic, relaxing spaces with kind and smiling people. You can have food and drinks and even a shower.

30. After an amazing week on the island, we took off into the sunset, had a wonderful dinner in the sky and landing safely in Dubai with memories for a lifetime.

HuffPost    Pics courtesy Vlad Semen

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