Deputy Minister of National Policies and Economic Affairs, Dr. Harsha De Silva informed that the 1990 emergency ambulance service would soon be available island-wide.
1990 is the emergency ambulance service hotline.

The former Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs who took over this week as the Deputy Minister of National Policies and Economic Affairs and who has also been appointed to helm the Colombo International Financial City, previously helped design and develop the said emergency ambulance service with financial support from India (via a Governmental grant).
“This service will be nationwide very soon,” he added.

The mobile emergency ambulance service which provides free of charge emergency medical assistance came in for unanimous praise when it recently helped an expectant 28-year-old mother from Deniyaya experiencing premature labour pains deliver a baby whilst on the way to the hospital. An Indian trained local female emergency medical technician recruited by the GVK Emergency Management and Research Institute Sri Lanka assisted in what was her first such delivery.

The ambulances, which Dr. De Silva previously described as being akin to micro hospitals, of which approximately 88 are presently available for assistance in Districts such as Hambantota, Galle, Matara, Gampaha and Colombo and others, have responded to over 20,000 calls for help, in a timely fashion.