The Department of Census and Statistics is scheduled to publish a report containing statistics pertaining to household debt in the country.

The Central Bank of Sri Lanka recently stated that they would be studying the levels of growing indebtedness in the Northern and Eastern Provinces. Resettlement and livelihood related issues and poverty are prevalent in the said areas. The agriculture sector in the said regions has also been adversely impacted owing to the drought conditions in the country.

The Sample Surveys Division, a Technical Division within the Department, informed that the data in relation to the matter is presently being screened.

A Statistician at the Division explained that a census was conducted with regard to the matter in 25,000 households covering all the Districts in the country. Officers of the Department visited the households and requested information pertaining to the total amount of debt the households were in and owed at the time of the visit.

She noted that they had also obtained information concerning the purpose for obtaining such loans and from which institution.