The Ministry of Higher Education is scheduled to present a draft bill pertaining to the establishment of an independent Quality Assurance and Accreditation Commission with regard to ensuring the quality of higher education in institutions in the State, Government and private sectors.

The bill pertaining to such is to be presented to the Cabinet and the Parliament soon.
Media Secretary, Office of the State Minister of Higher Education, Gayan Peiris said the Commission would monitor and assess the standards of such institutions including private institutes and private universities, registered with the University Grants Commission, course- wise and facility-wise, and subsequently provide accreditation.

Apart from ensuring the maintenance of the requisite standards, it has also been reported that the Commission will be vested with the authority, with the requisite powers afforded to it, to close down institutions that do not conform to the required standards set by the relevant authorities.

Aside to high academic standards, it is mandatory that such educational institutes including universities (includes private universities) registered in the country maintain administrative procedures and proper management practices.

State Minister of Higher Education, Mohan Lal Grero was not available for a comment.