Pic by Kasun Fernando

The Colombo Municipal Council is in the process of initiating legal action against the owners of 10,000 unauthorized buildings in Colombo, which have been constructed without the necessary building permits from the CMC.

Speaking to the Nation, Municipal Commissioner V.K Anura blatantly stated that the 5-storey building which collapsed in Wellawatte was constructed sans the required approvals and permits from the Municipal Council.

“Although this building has been in existence for many years, we have documentation to prove with veracity that this and 10,000 such buildings in Colombo have been constructed without a permit. We will initially file legal action against the owners of the said banquet hall this week,” he said.
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Anura added the council will also conduct site inspections and will take legal action against the owners of the other buildings in Colombo. “I have been in office for the last two years and I’ve never approved the construction of a multiple storey building if it does not meet the laws, standards and regulations that have been laid out.”

He added that the standards and regulations governing the construction industry are designed to ensure sound delivery of structures while such building collapse can be attributed to bad design, faulty construction or non conformity to regulations.

According to him, the building approvals are not limited to one certificate, but the owners and developers need to obtain various certifications during the many phases of construction to ensure that both the construction and the materials used are in keeping with the relevant standards.

The collapse of the five-storey building in Colombo has put a spotlight on the construction of many high-rise condominiums and mixed developments that have come up in Colombo.