The Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC) has urged the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) to take into consideration the aspirations and demands of the Muslims when making its demands pertaining to a durable solution to the national question.

SLMC Chairman, Abdul Majeed speaking to the Nation mentioned that the SLMC and the TNA had agreed to work together on several issues but had varied views on aspects pertaining to the merger of the North and East Provinces, and recognizing Ampara as a separate coastal district.

“Even recently, TNA MP, K. Kodeeswaran stated that the TNA would not agree for a separate coastal district, which has been a demand by the SLMC. In such a situation, I do not understand how they would go with a merged North and East, if they do not accept our views,” he said.

He however stated that the leaders of both parties were committed to iron out the differences in order to reach an amicable solution that would satisfy both communities.
The TNA too had on previous occasions assured that it would take into consideration the welfare of the Muslim community in both the North and the East.