Ronald C Perera | DM Gunasekara Chairman General Manager

Sri Lanka’s No.1 Bank yet again reinstates itself as the No. 1 Brand in Sri Lanka for the 9th consecutive year according to the latest Brand Finance Sri Lanka’s records published on “Brands Annual” by Media Services. The Sri Lankan partner of Brand Finance UK which is a leading body which has a global network in 17 countries, Brand Finance Lanka revealed BOC brand as the No.1 Brand with the value as Rs.40. Billion. Empowering Sri Lankans to realize their life goals through affordable yet best-in-class banking solutions, in its steadfast journey of over 77 years, the Bank of Ceylon has always gone that extra mile to add value to Sri Lankan banking industry. With the pledge to commit as “Banker’s to the Nation” since its inception the Bank has been evolving with the needs and lifestyle of the Sri Lankan community to provide the financial assistance they require. The first and the only Sri Lankan single business entity to earn PBT of Rs.25.3 Billion for 2015 and PBT 31.2 Billion for 2016, BOC challenged its own record continuing its quest to strive for exceptional performance in all areas of banking. Two very significant achievements of BOC in recent history were the surpassing Rs. One Trillion in Deposits in 2015 and Rs. One Trillion advances in 2016. The Bank’s asset value now exceeds Rs. 1.6 Trillion and is the highest asset base owned by a single business entity in the country.

“Maintaining our position as the No.1 Brand in the country is an achievement like no other. Anyone would agree with me that being the No.1 Brand in the country for the 9th consecutive year is an unmatchable achievement. We have done exceptionally well during past years and now we are the only Bank that has three Trillions in the balance sheet. Our next goal is to enhance the Bank’s asset base up to Rs. 2 trillion by 2019-this will surely be another milestone in the Sri Lankan banking industry.”  The Bank’s Chairman, President’s Counsel Ronald C. Perera stated. In its steadfast journey brand ‘BOC’ has been able to overcome significant macro and micro environmental changes in the banking and financial industry to establish itself as a superior brand in the country. With the time tested vision as “Banker’s to the Nation”, Brand BOC has delivered the best result for its true stakeholder, citizens and the Government of Sri Lanka.

BOC has earned the trust of Sri Lankans and proudly caters to over 12 Million customers today. With its massive financial capacity and adaptable approach that comes with inherent commitment towards country’s social and economic development BOC has enabled banking services successfully to a very diverse base customer base from individuals to businesses and organizations of different geographic and economic strata.