Pics by Eshan Dasanayaka

Internationally acclaimed sand artist Padma Shri Sudarsan Pattnaik may have created the World’s largest sand sculpture of the Buddha to coincide with the 14th International

Sudarsan Pattnaik
Sudarsan Pattnaik

Vesak Day celebration in Colombo. Speaking to the Nation Pattnaik says he has never been more overwhelmed by the response he has received.

“I couldn’t believe a sculpture could bring so many people together,” says Pattnaik, who had come down on an invitation from the Indian High Commission in Colombo. “I met so many Sri Lankans who came up to me and told me they were following my art on social media. They were so eager to meet me, it truly is an honour to be here.”

To Pattnaik, more than accomplishing a world record, this was an opportunity for him to do something for a different culture, community and country. The 40 feet long sculpture which took Sudarsan three days to do will be available for public viewing until May 14.