Goolbai Gunasekara needs no introduction. The daughter of the legendary Clara Motwani, like her mother, Goolbai has upheld the highest standards of teaching while adopting an open minded, tolerant and benevolent, though always disciplinary eye on her students, all of whom hold her beloved.

The ‘Principal’ of it, a collection of articles published in book form was launched recently, attended by her past and present students, her many friends and well-wishers, the business and diplomatic corps, all of whom hold this remarkable woman in great esteem.
As Goolbai says, “The most important character ingredient necessary for a teacher, apart from the knowledge of the subject being taught, is a sense of humour!”

According to Goolbai the ability to teach is an art. The articles contained in her book are her observations which she has garnered over the years and which she hopes would help both students and teachers alike, not forgetting parents.

“To say a love of children is vital is just not true. One may not love one’s students but may enjoy teaching them. Obviously one needs to like them, but sentimental reasons for becoming a teacher have never been on the cards for me,” says Goolbai.

Though teaching has been dubbed a noble profession, Goolbai laments the fact that it is one of the worst paid. Goolbai has always advocated better pay for those in her profession and hopes that a time will soon come when teachers are adequately recompensed.

Goolbai’s fans are legion as was evidenced by those who thronged her book launch, while her witty and pertinent observations on her charges hold true not just today but for generations to come.

It’s the ‘Principal’ of it guarantees many an hour of happy reading and much laughter, leaving you wanting to constantly dip into its pages whenever time permits.

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