“Ravana Aviation Vesak Illuminating Kite Show” is an innovative event organized by Ravana Aviation Kite Association (RAKA) for the first time to celebrate Vesak in the sky.

This open competition will be held on 10th of May from 5.00p.m to 10p.m all over the country and those who are around Colombo can participate at Gall face.

Ways to participate in the Vesak Illuminating Kite Show is as follows;

Category One: The Kite itself can depict some worthy saying. It should be illuminated at night by LED bulbs or light batteries may use accordingly.

Category Two: Vesak Lanterns can be hung along the kite’s thread and illumined.

Category Three: A special Turbine Kite, which produces the required electricity via a small generator.

The founder of Ravana Aviation Academy, Captain Harsha Koralearachchi warns not to use AC 230 current and candles to illuminate Vesak lanterns hanging along the kite’s thread for safety purposes.

Participants can register themselves at .

Competitors can participate from their place and have to upload a video of their flying kite to the website.