Much is expected from the Central Province Rugby Football Union (CPRFU) referees’ new committee which understands well that a no-referee means no game either.
Today only so-called AGMs are held with the occasional seminar. The AGM of the CPRFU Referees Society took place with Iswan Omar as the pro-tem Chairman who noted that the Referees Society was inaugurated in 2002 under the presidency of Brigadier Japuna Jayawardena with the blessing of the parent body.

The Society grew to great heights at one stage and was recognized as a driving force of the parent body.

Jayawardena was elected as trustee while S.  Samarasekera and Iswan Omar were elected as trustees. Gerald Rasiah came in as the president and much is expected from him.
Today most of the elected officials come in and don’t give of their best. The vice presidents elected were M. Faizla and M.  Gunaratne while the Secretary is   K. Waidyatilleke with S. de Silva as treasurer.

The Committee comprises YMS Ratnayake, G. Jayasinghe, S. Madugalle and N. Bandara.
The assignment committee members are Anil Jayasinghe and Anura Rankothge while the schools’ representative is WDO Wiijewansa.

The new set of office bearers are expected to promote and sustain good referees and overcome the syndrome of all talk and no work.

Unfortunately today some referees have become the scapegoats of coaches who look to cover up their lapses by blaming the referees forgetting the fact that the problem lies in not understanding the rules.