The International Cricket Council (ICC) Board has decided to consider the expulsion of the USA from membership and a resolution to that effect will now go before the ICC Full Council at its meeting in June for determination by the entire ICC membership.
The decision follows a two year process to seek to unify the cricket community in the USA since its suspension from membership in 2015 – the third occasion it has been suspended by the ICC over the last 12 years.

In a media statement the ICC said it does not believe that the USA genuinely exercises authority over the sport in the country and instead presides over a severely fractured community with only a small number of cricket leagues subscribing to its membership and the vast majority not choosing to join the federation.

“The sport has been fractured in the USA for some considerable time and the Board had previously determined that this was unacceptable and needed to be remedied.  As such, the ICC made significant efforts to engage with the entire USA cricket community to try to identify what changes would be required to USACA’s governance structure to build a sustainable foundation”, the ICC said in its statement.

ICC Chief Executive David Richardson said: “The decision to pass this resolution was not taken lightly by the ICC Board. Our focus throughout this two year process has been on the unification of the USA cricket community behind USACA to grow and develop the sport. But it has become clear that this is just not possible and, having invested so much time and resources into helping USACA and with little in the way of cooperation from USACA, the ICC Board now felt that the only remaining option was for the ICC Full Council to consider expulsion of USACA as a member of the ICC.

“USACA’s refusal to engage in the process, to meet a number of fundamental reinstatement conditions, to provide responses to further requests for information and its apparent failure to put the ICC Board-approved constitution before its members without legitimate excuse undermines the all-important objective of uniting the sport.”