Sriyani Deepika (left) and Upendra Jayawardena pose with their medals

Former Sri Lanka national badminton champion Sriyani Deepika won a silver medal at the World Masters Games held in Auckland, New Zealand last week.

Deepika could have won the gold medal if not for a close call her opponent from New Zealand Delwin Cooper had in the final of the Women’s Singles 45-plus A category.
Deepika lost the match 21-16, 23-21.

Deepika was thoroughly moved by her performance and paid a tribute to her admirers after the match.

“I am grateful to all my friends and fans in the UAE and Sri Lanka for supporting and encouraging me to participate in the prestigious Games,” said Deepika who has been running her own Badminton Academy in the UAE for the past three years.
Deepika represented Sri Lanka at the Games where competitions were held in 28 disciplines.

Incidentally, another Sri Lankan badminton player Upendra Jayawardena also won the silver medal in the Men’s Singles 45-plus A category.

The 50-year-old Jayawardena said he could not have felt better after grabbing the silver medal.

Since making the UAE her home for the past five years, Deepika has been active not only as a coach but also competing in local tournaments to lead by example.

A regular member of the Sri Lanka team for 15 years during her hey days, Deepika never officially retired as a player competing in the World Seniors badminton tournaments in Canada, Turkey and Sweden.

Her success in New Zealand has rekindled her determination and ambition to continue her mastery on the court.