In Sri Lanka some of the best talent is first spotted at soft -ball or tape ball cricket using a tennis ball or a tape ball. It is very popular in every town and has tournaments on Sundays and public holidays. At one time   Kandy   was famous for softball cricket.   Talent scouts travelled from one game to another, where they found special bowlers. Here bowlers with unorthodox actions are supported rather than dissuaded and their skills were fine-tuned by school coaches.

Softball cricket was pioneered in the densely populated Pakistani and Indian cities such as Karachi, Calcutta, Lahore and Mumbai, where cricket grounds and protective gear are not common and is responsible for grooming the talents of the cricketers. In the early days there was the Kandy Softball Cricket Association and every Sunday there were tournaments at Getambe, Dangolla, Lewella, Aruppola, Mawilmada, Rakade  now called PT Rajan ground, Wattapuluwa, Ampitiya and Buwalikade now called Illeperuma ground all of which came under the  Kandy Municipal Council.