The Sri Lanka Computer Emergency Readiness Team (SLCERT) has received 1,100 social media networks such as Facebook related complaints.

Approximately, 80% of the complaints involve the creation of fake accounts, and impersonation taking place.

Other complaints involve one’s pictures being posted elsewhere, and cases where someone such as one’s girlfriend or boyfriend with whom one has shared one’s password in turn changes the password thereby blocking one’s access to one’s own account.
These incidents can be reported to the Facebook organization through its official website and Facebook will in turn through their mechanisms consider one’s claim and set about removing such.

Applicable laws with regard to electronic evidence include the Computer Crimes Act and the Penal Code.

Senior Information Security Engineer at SLCERT, Roshan Chandraguptha said that evidence in electronic form such as electronic mails, Facebook, internet related media, short message service, electronic equipment, technical items, should be presented in courts in a correct manner.