The Ministry of Power and Renewable Energy is scheduled to introduce a rating system for appliances and gazette the regulations pertaining to such soon.

Further, the Ministry is planning to add 500 megawatts (MWs) from self-generation schemes of bulk services supplying customers.

Owing to the current situation that has arisen due to the prevalent dry weather and drought, which has in turn affected hydropower generation and caused a power shortage, it has been declared mandatory that factories use generators from this week onwards from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. until the crisis situation abates. Over 250 power suppliers will be supplying 500MW of electricity to the national grid at a price of Rs 36 per unit of electricity, the latter amount which will be paid for by the Ministry.

According to Director (Development) at the Ministry, Sulakshana Jayawardena, the Ministry was conducting continuous awareness programmes for general customers on the use of electricity in an efficient manner via the use of efficient appliances.

“A tender process is presently underway in relation to procuring light-emitting diode bulbs for distribution among customers,” he noted.

“Circulars have also been issued with regard to the use of air conditioners and street lamps in an efficient manner. Under the Surya Bala Sangramaya programme, the installation of solar systems on rooftops of the households of customers, has taken place, and this provides 50 MWs and the surplus will be paid for by the Ministry,” he pointed out.

According to him, those registered under the self-generation scheme had been requested to use such instead of utilizing the current from the national grid.

“Regulations are currently being prepared by the Sustainable Energy Authority with regard to introducing a rating system for appliances. We already have such regulations for compact fluorescent lamps. The regulations will be mandatorily applicable when it comes to the standards to be adhered to with regard to the manufacture of such appliances and their sale,” Jayawardena explained.