Lanka Financial Services Bureau Limited (LFSBL), the SWIFT Shared Infrastructure of Sri Lanka has been included among the top 5 SWIFT Shared Infrastructures in the Asia Pacific Region. Headquartered in Belgium, SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) is the global leader in financial telecommunication services, and this is an honour, not just for LFSBL, but for the country as well. This recognition is in addition to LFSBL obtaining the SWIFT certification level of ‘Standard Operational Practice (SOP)’, which was achieved through the stringent adoption of the extremely high standards of security set by SWIFT.

Commenting on this latest recognition, General Manager/CEO of Lanka Financial Services Bureau, Mihindu Rajaratne said, “We are delighted to be feted with the SWIFT SOP certification, which not only marks a significant milestone in our chapter, but also reflects our strong commitment, expertise, and innovative services we bring into the local market. Being recognized within the Top Five SWIFT infrastructures in Asia Pacific is a key accomplishment for a local entity, and the recognition has inspired us to go beyond in becoming the number one SWIFT Shared Infrastructure provider in the region.

“Such standards of which global certification is bound to boost the confidence of those institutions which are already connected to the network, attract new institutions to join our system and add value to the operations of the country’s entire financial industry. It also enhances confidence on security, reliability, and availability of a robust and resilient SWIFT Shared infrastructure within the country,” said Rajaratne.

With the certification of the SOP in 2013, LFSBL was recognised among the SWIFT shared infrastructures of Japan, India, and Singapore, and is now in the process of obtaining the Premier Operational Practices (POP) certification, which will enable the local company to be on par with an elite list of financial telecommunications providers around the world including the USA, Switzerland and Panama.

“We  are  always  focused  on  understanding the dynamics of our customers’ needs, so we fine-tune our product and offerings accordingly to provide optimum service in an environment which consists of disruptions of evolving technologies and multiple facets of cyber security issues. Further, the total SWIFT solution encompasses all the latest security measures that will not only ensure safe communication channels for SWIFT users, but will also help to set a benchmark in the local and international financial telecommunication communication sector for providing safe communication platforms with state of the art technology,” added Rajaratne.