The main objective behind gudppl is to create a platform for ‘good people’ to engage in good deeds. Its Founder-CEO, Harinda Fonseka hopes that gudppl will be a podium where positivity and happiness is shared. This is the idea behind the name gudppl with a smiley face at the end.

If you are a passionate individual looking to volunteer for a charity or Non Government Organization, gudppl ( is your best option in Sri Lanka. gudppl (Good People) founded in 2016, is a social network which has created a platform for passionate ‘good people’ who are willing to volunteer for the betterment of the community.
According to the Founder-CEO of gudppl, Harinda Fonseka this social network was initiated with the objective of making a positive and meaningful impact in our island nation through volunteerism, connecting people who want to volunteer with those who need volunteers.

“I lived in Canada for almost 10 years, studying and gaining valuable work experience. During this time, I was inspired by the volunteers at the Trillium Health Hospital where I worked for over seven years. I was amazed by the passion and dedication they showed towards volunteerism,” said Fonseka, explaining the inspiration behind gudppl.
Upon coming back to Sri Lanka with the hope of serving the nation, Fonseka noticed that in Sri Lanka there is no mechanism to find information on where volunteers are wanted.
“I was unable to find a central platform where I could find ways to donate my time, labour, knowledge and skills.” He observed a general lack of publicity and recognition for volunteerism in Sri Lanka. “This made it all the more difficult for interested individuals to engage in volunteerism,” said Fonseka, explaining the situation that prevailed in Sri Lanka before initiating gudppl.

According to him, the main objective of this venture is to create a central database of volunteers and deserving causes, where volunteers can browse through available causes and pledge to support those they find most suitable for them. His attempt could fill a long enduring gap in Sri Lankan volunteerism.

“I wanted to bring out the goodness within people. Through gudppl I wanted to create a platform for good people to engage in good deeds. I want to deliver happiness doing good deeds. gudppl is a podium where positivity and happiness is shared,” Fonseka elucidated the idea behind the name gudppl with a smiley face at the end.

Fonseka pointed out that there are good people all over the world who are eager to bestow their generosity. “gudppl brings this generosity of good people into the limelight,” explained Fonseka. Happiness and positivity are the factors that make gudppl’s effort a success. People at gudppl are trained to look for positivity even in negative circumstances.
“As in any other mainstream social network, interested individuals can create an account and browse the available volunteering opportunities on their home page. Users can then pledge their support to any interested opportunity. Organizations and groups can also create a profile and post their volunteer requirements. We also support organizations to find donors for supplies,” Fonseka explained the workings of the network.

gudppl is a one-stop destination that allows local charities, religious institutions, schools and even Ministries to consolidate their ‘needs’ into one platform, so that the public knows exactly what is required and how and when to deliver it.

When inquired about the future plans regarding the project, Fonseka revealed that his aim is to take gudppl to the international level in the form of a globally connected platform. “Through gudppl I want to put Sri Lanka on the map again,” announced Fonseka proudly.
Fonseka revealed that gudppl is organizing a massive volunteer-driven Sri Pada cleanup programme to be held on May 6 and 7, accompanied by an awareness programme about littering the sacred site.

“I am lucky to be blessed with very supportive parents, family, amazing friends and professionals who all provided guidance and support in launching gudppl,” said Fonseka, admitting that they were still the driving factors behind gudppl.

gudppl can be reached at or @slgudppl on facebook or twitter.