The Government Medical Officers Association (GMOA) denied reports that its members, including its President, Dr. Anurudhdha Padeniya were engaged in private practicing on Friday (5) when it had launched a strike.

It claimed that no one of their membership would engage in private practice on days when the membership was involved in trade union actions.

The GMOA received flak after reports spread that patients had booked appointments with Dr. Padeniya via online portals of a private hospital.

The GMOA further added that those of their membership who did engage in private practice after work hours too would refrain from engaging in such on the said dates and would be on leave instead.

According to Media Spokesman of the GMOA, Dr. Samantha Ananda, there were four categories of doctors who didn’t come under the purview of the GMOA and therefore were not bound to not engage in work while the GMOA was engaged in trade union action.
“In such an instance, whether or not to work, was an independent decision made by the doctors in the said categories. They included those who had resigned from the State sector and had their own practice or were employed in hospitals in the private sector, those who were in the Government sector but were members of specialist medical organizations, and those who had retired,” he said.

Dr. Ananda added that the Government instead of sorting out the real problem, were engaged in dastardly practices such as mudslinging and making false allegations. He explained that this reflected an inability with regard to understanding the problem, sorting out the problem and giving solutions to the problem.