The Ministry of Provincial Councils and Local Government informed that the gazette notification containing the list with the number of Local Government members, the proportional representation list and the female representation list, is to be issued next week.

The notification had been handed over to the Government Printer two weeks back. The Cabinet paper pertaining to the rectification of technical issues in the relevant law had also been forwarded and submitted last week.

Legal Officer of the Legal Division of the Ministry, Gayani Premathilake explained that the majority of the hurdles in relation to the Elections Commission holding the Local Government election had been cleared on the part of the Ministry.
Once the amendments to the relevant Act are passed in Parliament and the gazette notification is issued, the Elections Commission can declare the election and call for nominations.

Meanwhile, elections monitoring bodies explained that they are scheduled to write to political parties seeking information with regard what criteria they would be adopting in selecting and nominating potential Local Government members and how they would be applying the said criteria in the process of selecting and nominating politicians.
Polls monitor, the People’s Action for Free and Fair Elections (PAFFREL) reiterated that it was political parties that had the responsibility of selecting and nominating suitable persons for the Local Government election. RLJ