The month of May marks your tenth death anniversary
An incomparable loss putting us into grief and misery
Choose to express my sentiments in verse though not a poet
As the painful memories of you keep on running riot,

My brother and I saw you on the morning of 5th May
The hospital scenario was not that happy and gay
Evening came the news that you had crossed the Great Beyond
An innocent, useful life extinguished by the God’, magic wand!

Since our parents’ death you became the household head
Caring the brothers and performing all work before going to bed
The domestic chores, dawn till dusk, you handled with dexterity
And made delicious meals for the table and proved your versatility

Indeed, you played the role of a caring mother to all the siblings
For quite a long period so as to earn the Almighty’s blessings,
You performed to perfection with great zeal and in good faith,
Quite oblivious to your forlorn life and the cruelty of fate.

Alas! Destiny’s misfortune confined you to a life of spinsterhood
Notwithstanding, you were a livewire; certainly not a deadwood
Wedlock proved so elusive since your prime of life
But you traversed the journey of life sans bitterness and strife.

You willingly served every soul with utmost devotion
At festivals and to visitors you gave the best attention
Amidst, you never forgot the poor and the destitute
Sacrificing yours, you were lavish, earning their gratitude.

When a beggar was turned away, you got offended and angry
For you believed it to be a charitable act to feed the hungry.
You naturally had a soft corner for the poor and the needy
And had the urge to give and give and never, ever greedy,

Your generous and kind nature gave you time to spare
To treat our domestic pets with loving and tender care.
Your giving special attention to the sick pets was a hallmark
And feeding the abandoned kittens with milk was a landmark.

Whenever, I suffered from severe headaches and refused to eat
You were there with a hot cup of Nestomalt, and what a treat?
Whatever problems cropped up, you took it in your stride;
You never nursed a grudge and I reminisce it with pride.

Ten years have sped; not a day passes without my thinking of you
Every minute, every hour, every day, my thoughts are with you
In fact, your fragrant memory is tattooed in my heart,
Becoming forlorn and desolate when you had to depart

Your life was a saga of commitment, dedication and self-sacrifice
My persona has changed like a victim of tsunami since your demise
You’re snoozing in the domain of Almighty; undoubtedly a heroine.
My output was only Lilliputian, that keeps me worrying.
May you enter Jennathul Firdouse.

M Azhar Dawood