Two sister schools Kingswood College  and Wesley College  said hello  to each other on April 22 (Saturday) at the Bogambara Stadium.  In this clash the Kingswoodians regained the Blaze Shield which was on offer after recording pulsating 40 points to 39 win.
Kingswood College scored their points through five tries, 3 conversions and 3 penalties while Wesley responded with five tries, four conversions and 2 penalties.

Kingswood   started brilliantly and were ahead in the first quarter of the game. In this game both schools were equally good in their rugby skills. But the Kandy school had the luck to take the game away from the visitors by a wafer thin margin.

For Kingswood  Heshan Janson  scored two tires while one each came from  Janitha  Rajanayaka and Asiri Senevirathne. Lakshitha    Ranaweera did the goal kicking.  Wesley’s   Mursheed Zubair scored twice while Veththasinghe,   E. Harshane ,  Imesh Aponsu and   Avishka Lee  touched down once each. Mursheed Zubair   did the kicking.
It was a good game of rugby from the kick off for the Kingswoodians began attacking from the start.  They had Wesley pinned to their own territory, especially in the first half. Kingswoodians played good rugger.  They dominated the forwards play in the first half which helped them to score. Their passes were excellent.

Towards the end, Wesley launched a vigorous attack and had Kingswood pushed into their own area. But could not maintain the pressure  and were soon put back on defence.  In the second half  Wesley showed their superiority, , but  Kingswood had the better of the exchanges.  Wesley had a number of scoring changes but their forwards had a tendency to bottle up

Soon after the final whistle from referee Arunashantha,  it was nice  to see  former MIC  rugby and POG  of Kingswood College   Ruben Wijayawardene  presenting the  Blaze trophy to  the match winning captain  Heshan  Janson.

This trophy means a lot as it was introduced in 1986, when old kingswoodian late Roy de Silva a well-known sporting figure, donated the trophy. The inaugural Blaze Shied rugby match was played on 17th July 1986. Kingswood led by Ronnie Ibrahim emerged the victor.  Wesley was led by Sumedha Kuruppu.  Thereafter it became an annual fixture and two games were played every year, except for the period between 2006 and 2012. During these two years the series was interrupted due to unwanted incident during and both schools decided to play one leg.   Lewis Edmun Blaze a product of Trinity College, was the  founder of Kingswood College (on 4 May 1891). At that time the school was named Kandy  Boys High  School. He was the founder principal.  Wesley College was founded on 2nd  March 1874 by Rev. Daniel Henry Pereira, with Rev. Samuel Rose Wilkin as its founder Principal. Kingswood was the first school to play rugby in 1893. During that time there was no school involved in the game and after Trinity  College took to the game their first inter school game was against Kingswood. This match played in 1906 ended in a six all draw.