The followers of the musician Nadeemal Perera was in for a treat with the recent release of his debut music video Mayam Kalawe. The story of the song revolves around misunderstanding between two young lovers.

The pop genre song brings together a beautiful melody born from flute, guitar, piano and drums, which blends well with Nadeemal’s voice. The video is by Samantha Siriwardane of Cinema Workz. The lyrics and music direction is by Sanuka Wickramasinghe.
“It was more than a year since it has been created. The audio was created first but I wanted to release the song with a video. That took time,” said Nadeemal.

It was the first experience of its kind for Nadeemal, since he has not participated in the process of creating a music video before. “I haven’t even taken part in a music video before. So it was a very different experience. I followed instructions from the director. Also, the model in my video, Shehani Kahandawala, supported me a lot,” Nadeemal said.
The song brings together music of classical as well as electrical instruments. “The song begins with a classical touch, with the music from the flute and then changes towards the middle, where the electrical music is brought in,” said Nadeemal.

Nadeemal revealed that two more songs have already been created and are currently awaiting release.” I am hoping to release these one by one,” he says. These two songs are also romance themed. When asked whether he preferred singing love songs, his reply was that he is willing to sing anything in general.

He believes that he was brought into music by people in his life. The family background which already had two generations of musicians, contributed to a notable extent.  It was his mother, Nadeesha Sajani, who taught him to play the organ when he was around eight years of age. When he was around 12 years old, he struck the first chords in his guitar, under the tutelage of his grandfather, musician, Mervyn Perera. Later on, he learned classical guitar from Amaranath Ranatunga.

Nadeemal studied at Holy Cross College, Kalutara and then at St. Peter’s College, Colombo. It was his school teacher at Holy Cross College who directed him towards music by sending him to inter school competitions, where he always won the competition he participated in. While at St. Peter’s he studied oriental music and collaborated by singing with the oriental orchestra.” But I never had a specific aim towards entering the music industry. I still haven’t entered the professional music industry. What I am doing right now is making good use of gifts I am born with,” he said.

After leaving school, Nadeemal got together with some of his friends, where they experimented with music. These recordings grew in popularity via you tube, building a demand for these aspiring musicians. Currently he is part of a five-member band called Point Five and been in existence for a year, performing at weddings, concerts and various events.

“Music is something that can reach anybody. It is not limited only to musicians. There isn’t anybody in this world who doesn’t like to listen to music. In my opinion it’s something like food and water. By now music is my whole life, it’s beyond a hobby for me,” he says.
The favourite instruments that accompany his voice are guitar and piano. “Most of the time I sing to acoustic guitar since the piano cannot be carried everywhere,” he says.
He also likes rock, listens to jazz and blues music and in the future hopes to incorporate these elements to his musical journey.

His favourite singers include Bruno Mars, Michael Jackson and Brian McKnight.”Michael Jackson is someone who has given the world something quite unique. I have no words to explain his contribution. His music was simply amazing,” he says.

From the Sri Lankan singers, in addition to his father, Amal Perera, he likes Rookantha Gunatilleke and Kasun Kalhara.” They have given life to valuable creations. I simply love their music,” he declares.  It was Kasun Kalhara who vocal-trained Nadeemal. He discloses that one day he would like to collaborate with these two artistse. “It means a lot to me to create something with them, since they are my two idols,” says Nadeemal.

His favourite songs keep changing from time to time. “Amaradeva has created songs that has a deep meaning in addition to the musical value. I listen to songs of all genres, both old and new alike,” he says.

In the future, he is hoping to get into composing, in addition to singing and would also like to learn saxophone one day.

Nadeemal is reading for BSc Software Engineering at NIBM. “I liked IT from school days and that’s why I started the degree. Right now, with music work, that has stopped for some time, but hoping to complete it one day,” he says.