Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Harsha de Silva has said while Sri Lanka winning the vote on GSP+ last Thursday (27) indicated that the government was on the right track, it also had the responsibility to deliver the promises to improve human rights record.
“While it is a reward for the government it is also a responsibility. We must deliver on our promises to further improve our record on human rights and the rule of law,” the Deputy Minister in his official social network site.

He further said that the Cabinet approval for a new counter terrorism legislation helped to thwart the last minute attempt to block Sri Lanka from getting the concession. “But the more up to date piece of legislation has the right balance between internationally defined terrorism and the protection of rights of individuals,” he added.

“Now it is up to the investors to get down to work and get the factories opened to take advantage of totally duty free access to the EU. Factories must expand, new ones must open across the island; particularly in the difficult areas recovering from the decades of war,” the Deputy Minister further added.