Garbage and human pollution has been a huge issue at Sri Pada or Adam’s Peak for the past decade or more. It only seems to get worse at the top, where garbage piles up and is a hindrance for many people who climb to the peak of this site. The people are fully responsible for the destruction caused by polythene and plastic to this heritage site. Along with the ceremonial ending of the season in May, polythene or plastic are left behind by visitors and different groups of volunteers end up bringing this garbage down every year.

The objective of this clean-up campaign to be held on May 6 and 7 is to clean Sri Pada and make people aware of the need to keep the environment clean and garbage-free consistently and on a long-term plan.

gudppl is an organisation which provides a digital platform to link volunteers with charity organisations. It provides opportunities for individuals who are willing to volunteer by connecting them to charities such as animal shelters, orphanages and elders homes that are in need of volunteers.

gudppl is to do a clean-up and awareness campaign at the base of Sri Pada to prevent the people from dumping garbage along the trails of this place and engaging with the people who climb, with the gudppl volunteers, to support and clean up by bringing the garbage down. One of the places closer to the summit is Indikatu Pahana where most garbage is dumped and is piling up currently.

gudppl campaign will also be an awareness  programme about littering, carrying plastics and polythene which should be banned to prevent harm to the environment. Volunteers will be given walking sticks with interactive posters like “Help me to collect garbage along the way” in all three languages which would help in engaging with the people who climb and keeping the environment clean.  gudppl hopes that the campaign will encourage people to bring garbage down. Volunteers will be climbing up in three different groups and will assist in the garbage collection.

One of their main objectives is to educate and engage visitors on bringing their own garbage back down. “We are planning to get people and shop owners involved in helping us to clean as much as possible and by this they also uphold their own responsibility in keeping Sri Pada clean. Otherwise people sometimes take these clean-up projects for granted and still litter next season,” says gudppl CEO Harinda Fonseka.

They will also conduct a raffle draw and provide a chance to win a prize for bringing the garbage back down to the collection point.

“Since there is a heavy focus on awareness, we are doing it during the season instead of a post season clean-up, while the people are still there. The officials in charge of the garbage removal love the idea of the visitor engagement as it’s taking a step towards a sustainable solution,” claims Fonseka.

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