A proposal is being considered for the possible establishment of a National Solid Waste Management Authority, with the Ministry of Provincial Councils and Local Government as the relevant line Ministry.

An attorney-at-law handling legal matters in the Ministry said that since the matter was one that was at present devolved, a two-thirds majority would have to be obtained in Parliament if the matter was to be passed into law.

Although within the Ministry, top officials such as Ministry Secretary, H.T. Kamal Pathmasiri and Minister Faiszer Musthapha have discussed the matter.

It is however yet to be discussed between the Ministry and the Provincial Councils and the Local authorities. It is soon to be taken up at the discussion stage.

Recently, in the wake of the Meetotamulla tragedy, in relation to programmes to be implemented with regard to the problem of solid waste management, President Maithripala Sirisena had instructed and ordered officials to formulate necessary arrangements required to afford powers to a central authority to handle matters of garbage collection, transportation and disposal and the associated processes.