SK Group is the market leader in chemical, petroleum and energy industries and also South Korea’s largest wireless mobile phone service provider. Through the years, company has fostered a policy of planned growth which has resulted in its diversification into a number of other fields such as civil engineering/ construction, shipping, trading, semiconductor, EV batteries,  and Hospitality along with its own hotel chain Walkerhill  as well as top-notch international brands such as Tommy Hilfiger and DKNY.

Micro Holdings and its efforts to revolutionize the Sri Lankan automobile and transport industry has brought the attention of SK Group to invest 30 million USD in Micro Holdings, with the focus  to strengthening its market  position and to support its future endeavors.

SK group being one of the largest EV battery manufacturers in the world, plans to bring in new technology to Sri Lanka through Micro Cars and diverse it’s automobile product portfolio focusing in EMobility which is the future of the Automobile/ transport industry.